Love Satisfies
Love Satisfies, by Keepitup Johnson, BA Health and Society, Brown University
Tips and guidance for sexual satisfaction.


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Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, shares what successful men have in common.  They conserve their sperm. They all have a highly established sex drive; and they use their sexual energy to enlarge, increase, expand, widen, build up, proliferate, boost, multiply, and improve their creativity, work, friendships, love, and life. Successful men produce the most in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. According to Napoleon Hill, men run out of steam when they do not conserve their sperm. If you read his book, you'll see that one entire chapter is devoted to channeling sexual energy instead of overejaculating.

I could go on and on about the wonders of nonejaculatory orgasms (dry orgasms, male multiple orgasms, energy orgasms, tantric sex), but I'd rather you experience them for yourself than write. 

Ever felt lower, drained, tired after ejaculating?
Ever wished you could have more than one orgasm?
Is it possible to have orgasms and feel more energized afterwards? 

In truth, I wrote Love Satisfies because no step by step, fully-illustrated, detailed guide for male multiple orgasms existed. There are lots of books on how to have multiple orgasms, but the ones I read came up short when it comes to explaining how to have them. 

Love Satisfies has 88 drawings - one for every page of writing. The writing is fifth grade level. Buy a picture book - learn ancient secrets of extremely satisfying sex. Learn from a teacher who teaches simply. Find love, sexual fulfillment, and wealth. I care.

Love Satisfies costs only $5 for the ebook version or only $15 (including shipping and handling) for the picture book -

Peace and love, 
Keepitup Johnson

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Here are some questions and answers. You can contact me directly to ask any questions.
Here we go.

What triggers your ejaculation? Does an erotic mental image send you over the top? Or is it a mental thought? Or is it too much physical stimulation that sends you over the top?  Pay extremely close attention to what triggers ejaculation for you. Figure out what triggers your body to release sperm. For me, it's imagining fucking a hot, new woman. 

Your goal is to figure out how to approach orgasm with less pressure.

Typical triggers for ejaculation:

1. Thoughts of possessing her.   
(I make her pregnant - she is mine)

2. Fucking a new woman
(Fact or fantasy)

3. Hot, sexy thoughts
(I'll leave this to your imagination)

4. Thinking with the dick 
(Feeling everything in one place)

5. All forms of lust
(Packs all the energy into the penis)

6. Fast friction

You don't have to ejaculate. Ejaculation is triggered by some sort of over the top experience! Your first successful dry orgasms will be under the top experiences. I suggest reaching orgasm from the bottom, from less mental and physical stimulation, from beneath the threshold. Once you discover your triggers, you can refrain from the precise thoughts, images, or physical touch that trigger your ejaculation. 

For more tips: please read this book.

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Order Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson
Love Satisfies - the step by step, picturebook for tantra, male multiple, dry orgasms

Porn generates too much sexual pressure, which pressurizes its release. Lust is like a poison that must get drained. Unlike lust, loving sexual energy is soothing and can remain inside your body in a state of relaxed peace. Guys, this could be the key you've been looking for.  Love Satisfies tells you how. Buy the book.