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Love Satisfies How to have infinite non-ejaculatory orgasms (Dry orgasms, Energy orgasms, Male multiple orgasms, Tantric Sex, Sustainable Sex), by Keepitup Johnson, BA Health and Society, Brown University 


A little background information . . . the point of no return is when you can't stop ejaculating, even if you wanted to.

From Love Satisfies, Chapter 7 How to have a dry orgasm . . . 

Can you please compare having dry orgasms to something I know?


Yes. Kayaking.

edging technique for male multiple orgasms
When it's calm, 
I stroke my paddle to come close to the point of no return.

edging male multiple orgasms

I stroke slowly towards the point of no return.

how to have dry orgasms
Just before the edge, I completely relax.

Hands free orgasms are possible,

but I always hold my penis with a relaxed hand,

or I relax motionless inside of her...
energy orgasms made simple

Forward momentum carries me over the edge . . .

tantric sex
 . . . into a dry orgasm!

If it's really that easy, why haven’t I ever had a dry orgasm?

Typically, men race fast and hard to trigger an orgasm. Have you ever stopped and relaxed to get off?  
Now you know why you’ve never had a dry orgasm.
nonejaculatory orgasms

Put it in neutral, and coast up to the point of no return.

Great sex is beyond orgasms. Learning how to have male multiple orgasms adds variety to sex. Variety is good. When you learn how to have nonejaculatory orgasms, sex doesn't have to end after one orgasm. For details on dry orgasms, tantric sex, sustainable sex, male multiple orgasms), you can buy a picture book for adults called Love Satisfies, by Keepitup Johnson.

From Chapter 8 of Love Satisfies: A few frequently asked questions 

How does relaxing trigger an orgasm?

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how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms


Will I lose my erection when I relax? Page 28

Exactly how much tension does it take to trigger a dry orgasm? Page 29

Exactly when should I relax to have a dry orgasm?

I ejaculated. Why didn't I have a dry orgasm? Page 34

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premature ejaculation

I had no orgasm at all. Why didn't I have a dry orgasm?

See page 35

spritual sex

The book, Love Satisfies offers information to help you get it, for example,

Are there any secrets for having dry orgasms?


Having dry orgasms comes with practice and patience. There are no secrets for dry orgasms, but if there were secrets, there would be three of them . . .

From the book, Love Satisfies: Secret # 1 Overstimulation triggers ejaculation. 

better sex
Pump like crazy if you want to ejaculate. 
Slow down, stop, and relax before the point of no return for dry orgasms.

Secret # 2 Fantasy, lust, and porn trigger ejaculation
cure sexual addiction
Porn, fantasy, and lust liquidate sexual energy.
sex addict

When you fantasize about fucking that hot, young woman, your body believes 

that you are fucking that hot, young woman. Your body ejaculates to impregnate her.


Your body believes every story you tell it. Your mind knows it’s a fantasy, but your body can’t tell the difference between a thought and the real thing.

Need more convincing? Tonight, while you’re safe in bed, imagine there’s an intruder in your house. Watch your body freak out.

Secret # 3 . . . 

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Truthfully and gratefully,

                  Keepitup Johnson

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