Love Satisfies
Love Satisfies, by Keepitup Johnson, BA Health and Society, Brown University
Tips and guidance for sexual satisfaction.


Sex with love

There's a spiritual component of male multiple orgasms. Sex with love. It's beautiful. Part one of Love Satisfies is simple techniques to make nonejaculatory orgasms easy. Part two of Love Satisfies adds love to make nonejaculatory orgasms even easier. Part 3 of Love Satisfies answers frequently asked questions, offers tips and tricks including a proven cure for premature ejaculation, and play by play stories.

From Part 2 . . .  

Lust and fantasy build tingling sensations in the penis.  I call this arming the torpedo. Once the torpedo is armed, ONE sexy image sparks the release. After ejaculation, we feel drained, and then it takes something hot like porn, lust, or fantasy to arouse us.

In conclusion, fantasizing sends the penis a signal to fire a load of sperm. With nonejaculatory orgasms, you still tingle. You still orgasm. You still release sexual tension, but the throbbing, pulsating, orgasmic spasms don't push out liquid because you never armed your torpedo.

Fire your torpedo without arming it (have nonejaculatory orgasms) by having sex without porn, lust, or fantasy.   Gentle, loving sex doesn't send the same, hot signal to fire a load of sperm. Gentle, loving sex allows you to gain control over your firing mechanism. 

Keep your sperm inside of you and fill yourself up with your own sexual energy. Sexual energy is just energy. Don't ejaculate for 7+ days, and your sexual energy will be huge! Then stroking your penis gently, or being close to your lover will be all it takes to get hard. When you get hard, spread your sexual energy all around! Feel your love in other places in your body. You can feel this.  Feel it. Don’t just imagine it. When you feel it, it’s like powerful energy pumping and flowing through you. Your whole body is capable of orgasms. Impotent men in wheel chairs can have orgasms in their thumbs, ears, or noses. How much easier it will be for you - you'll have orgasms without ejaculating that feel just like you came (you'll look and see, to your amazement, that you didn't ejaculate. You'll be able to orgasm in your penis and in your heart, head, arm, etc.

I spent two years illustrating a short book to teach this.  In the near future, I'll post some illustrations on my web page so you can understand this better. 
Check the info page and the blog.

There are lots of ways to have multiple orgasms. The book I wrote will help.

Peace and love, 
Keepitup Johnson
author of Love Satisfies:how to have infinite, nonejaculatory orgasms (also known as dry orgasms, energy orgasms, male multiple orgasms, Tantric Sex, and Tantra

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Here are some questions and answers. You can contact me directly to ask any questions.
Here we go.

What triggers your ejaculation? Does an erotic mental image send you over the top? Or is it a mental thought? Or is it too much physical stimulation that sends you over the top?  Pay extremely close attention to what triggers ejaculation for you. Figure out what triggers your body to release sperm. For me, it's imagining fucking a hot, new woman. 

Your goal is to figure out how to approach orgasm with less pressure.

Typical triggers for ejaculation:

1. Thoughts of possessing her.   
(I make her pregnant - she is mine)

2. Fucking a new woman
(Fact or fantasy)

3. Hot, sexy thoughts
(I'll leave this to your imagination)

4. Thinking with the dick 
(Feeling everything in one place)

5. All forms of lust
(Packs all the energy into the penis)

6. Fast friction

You don't have to ejaculate. Ejaculation is triggered by some sort of over the top experience! Your first successful dry orgasms will be under the top experiences. I suggest reaching orgasm from the bottom, from less mental and physical stimulation, from beneath the threshold. Once you discover your triggers, you can refrain from the precise thoughts, images, or physical touch that trigger your ejaculation. 

For more tips: please read this book.

dry orgasms
Order Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson
Love Satisfies - the step by step, picturebook for tantra, male multiple, dry orgasms

Porn generates too much sexual pressure, which pressurizes its release. Lust is like a poison that must get drained. Unlike lust, loving sexual energy is soothing and can remain inside your body in a state of relaxed peace. Guys, this could be the key you've been looking for.  Love Satisfies tells you how. Buy the book.